An Interview with Logan Yelenich

J R Sloan, staff writer for Models Ink Magazine, sat down with Logan Yelenich for an interview at The Underground Comedy Club in Seattle after a quick photoshoot for his cover feature.

J R- Yelenich, that is an interesting last name. Where is that from?
L Y- “Yugoslavia. It is Croatian”

J R- How did you get into modeling?
L Y- “As a kid, I had an agent. I was a model for catalogs in Arkansas. From there, I had several gigs including a part in a movie. I was in Daddy and Them (a 2001 Dramatic Comedy). I also did some commercials and ads.”

J R- Where do you want to go with your modeling career.
L Y- “I spent some time in California. I would like to eventually move back to L.A. and pursue a modeling career.”

J R- At what point did you realize that you wanted to do modeling full-time as a career?
L Y- “You have to have thick-skin in the modeling world, and I have always had thick skin. It wasn’t something that I really tried to do, at first. It was just something that just kind of happened. I just always heard it growing up, from people, that I should model. I was dating this woman, and she said I should get into modeling. I told her that I use to do it as a kid and she encouraged me to do it again. After we broke up, it made my want to check out that avenue…not (necessarily) for her, but something for me. I realized that I wanted to do it; to make it my own. I really like commercials and high-fashion. There is not a whole lot of that going on in Seattle.

J R- So you are currently in discussions with a modeling agency?
L Y- “I have met with an agency and they seem to love me. I’m waiting for the owner of the company to sign off. Actually, (I am) meeting them tomorrow.” <Logan chuckles>

J R- Since we are an ink modeling magazine, what turned you onto tattoos?
L Y- “I grew up in the south…in the bible belt. Tattoos are like very taboo. I’ve always been fascinated by them and piercings. I turned seventeen and I moved to L.A. And my best friend there as a ton of tattoos and I just loved them. When I was eighteen, I had my first tattoo. It made me feel more myself. I felt like I was told who I should be, growing up. Wear this clothing, and be this preppy person. I didn’t feel like that was me, but I wanted to be liked because I love being around people. I liked being the kid with the tattoos.”

J R- How do you choose which tattoos go onto your body?
L Y- “My whole sleeve on (my right side)…the day I got my tattoo, I wrote down everything that I wanted on my sleeve in a journal and I literally knocked them out one-by-one. It has layers to what it means.”

J R- Would you feel comfortable sharing one of the stories behind those layers with us?
L Y- “I’ve personally been through a lot. I was engaged when I was really young. It was a comfortable relationship. <Logan points to his tattoo of a heart with a dagger through it> I actually moved to Portland (Oregon) for her. We weren’t passionate, but I stayed with her and we had been together for so long. I woke up one day and I was like ‘damn! I can’t marry this person.’ I don’t want to be with (her) the rest of my life. Even though I was the one that broke up with her, it really broke my heart. It really made me think about relationships. Even to this day, I haven’t had a serious girlfriend because relationships are important. If you are my girlfriend, then that is a huge thing to me.”

J R- That is a different side of you that people may not see with you being a model.
L Y- “Yeah. I don’t take relationships lightly. The ironic thing is that tattoo is the only one that was done by a female (tattoo artist) that is on me. It reminds me that I’ve been stabbed in the heart and I need to make wiser decisions.”

J R- Where do you want to go next with your tattoos?
L Y- “I have always wanted to do my hands. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, but I have to wait until I have a steady career. I’ll probably wait until I have made my money and I am married. I have an aread that I want to do (an) all black and gray (sleeve); a space dedicated to my (future) family. Wife and kids.”

J R- You have color tattoos now, but you want some future tattoos to be black and grey?
L Y- “For me, I always love the idea of a family. I have always had that heart. Solid, making roots, establishing that. The color tattoos, that was my past. That was be being colorful and flirty. Family I want (to be) solid. I will always choose the wife.”

J R- What would it take for you to open your heart again?
L Y- “I have really high-standards. I met a girl and we were comfortable within a few weeks. I can date this person, but it’s just dating. I can have (more) connection with with the right person in a few minutes, than with others in weeks. I want my family to be raised in California.”

J R- What does the ink culture mean to you?
L Y- “I think a lot of people place their identity, in a negative way, fully in their tattoos. To me, it’s like if I get a haircut. It is a piece of me, but it isn’t all that is me. It is not my full identity. I’m Logan. I’m not trying to be that bad boy. I’m not just a tattoo, I’m more than my tattoos.”

J R- Now that you are an adult, inked, modeling and pursuing this lifestyle, have you been back to your hometown? How do people there treat you?
L Y- “Some people. It’s still so taboo. It’s stuck in the 50’s. People look are you and it’s not normal. People with tattoos, it is a much smaller percent of people (compared to Seattle), they usually find each other. Usually in bars down there.”

J R- What about women with tattoos?
L Y- “I don’t really care either way. It isn’t about the tattoos (to me) it is about their personality. It’s like my modeling. I don’t define myself as a model. I define myself as Logan: a person.”

J R- One last question. How should an attractive, and potential future wife, get a hold of you?
<Logan chuckles> “On Instagram” <laughing continues>

Readers Note: Logan has a wide variety in taste, but he usually tends to lean towards blonde surfers girls   😉


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